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How to Add StumbleUpon Button in Your Website

Before I get started, let me briefly tell you what is StumbleUpon.

Cited from Wikipedia -

StumbleUpon is a commercial web discovery service which integrates peer and social networking principles with one-click blogging.

It allows voting or "recommending" a page to StumbleUpon community for viewing.

Visitors can easily submit a page to StumbleUpon using Toolbar or StumbleUpon buttons.

If you are using Blogs like Wordpress, TypePad and Blogger, you should check this page on how to integrate your blogs with StumbleUpon.

If you would like to add StumbleUpon button in a normal html webpages, just add the following code in your webpage.

<script language=JavaScript>
document.write ('<a href="');
document.write(''+document.URL+'&title='+document.title.replace(/ /g,'+')+'">');
document.write ('<img border=0 src=/images/su_micro.gif></a>');

Download the image file from StumbleUpon website and then replace it to your own server location.

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Will  StumbleUpon Give Me Free Traffic ?

If you do it right, then it will definitely bring you some decent traffic. I got to know StumbleUpon when I see a sudden surge in my website traffic. Then, I checked the traffic log and found that somebody voted my website to StumbleUpon community.

Here is the screen shot from Sitemeter showing the traffic surged.


I still need to do more testing to confirm how to get the most exposure from StumbleUpon.

If you have tried this method, please share with me your strategies and I will post it here and newsletter for updates.

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